Rediscovering the Magic: Reopening My Heart to the World's Beauty as a Busy Mom and Artist

As a working mom and an artist, I've been on a journey of rediscovery lately. You know, life has a funny way of getting so busy that we forget to stop and smell the roses. Between the school runs, the endless laundry, and the never-ending to-do lists, it's easy to lose sight of the magic that's all around us.

But here's the thing, my friends - the world is a canvas, and every day is a new opportunity to paint our masterpiece. I've been challenging myself to reopen my heart to the wonder and beauty of the world, and let me tell you, it's been a game-changer.

I started by simply taking a few moments each day to really look at the world around me. I mean, really look. The way the sunlight filters through the leaves in the morning, the intricate patterns of a spider's web, the pure joy on my kids' faces when they discover something new. It's all art, it's all beautiful, and it's all there waiting for us to notice.

And then, I started to bring that wonder into my art. I let the colors of the sunset inspire my palette, the rhythm of the rain guide my brush strokes. I started to see the world not just as it is, but as it could be - a place of endless possibility and beauty.

So, here's my challenge to you, my fellow life-artists. Take a moment today to really see the world around you. Let the beauty of the everyday inspire you, let the wonder of the world fill your heart. Because when we open ourselves up to the magic of the world, we don't just become better artists - we become better humans.

Remember, life is a beautiful journey, not a destination. So, let's paint it with all the colors of the rainbow. Let's make it a masterpiece.

Love and light,


A vibrant watercolor painting showcasing a lush green heart adorned with a golden crown, symbolizing the opening of a heart chakra and stepping into power

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