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"The Moon is Always Jealous" Enchanted Tee

"The Moon is Always Jealous" Enchanted Tee

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For those who dance beneath the midnight moon.

Blending the wonder of the cosmos with a touch of "Practical Magic," our "The Moon is Always Jealous" t-shirt is a tribute to all who believe in the power of spells, love, and sisterhood. Soft to the touch and bearing a design that echoes the movie's whimsical charm, it's perfect for those who wear their enchantments proudly.

  • Material: Soft, Breathable Cotton Blend
  • Fit: Regular Fit
  • Design: "The moon is always jealous" printed with an otherworldly font reminiscent of the Owens' spellbook
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, avoid any potions or brews, tumble dry low

Whether you're casting spells, whipping up some midnight margaritas, or just basking in the moon's glow, this tee encapsulates the magic of those enchanting Owens women.

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