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"The Moon Made Me Do It" Lunar-Inspired Hoodie

"The Moon Made Me Do It" Lunar-Inspired Hoodie

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When the moon takes over the sky, magic happens. Our "The Moon Made Me Do It" sweatshirt is a nod to every enchanting story, whimsical adventure, and spontaneous act influenced by our celestial companion.

  • Material: Plush, Premium Quality Cotton-Poly Blend
  • Fit: Relaxed, Cozy Fit
  • Design: "The Moon Made Me Do It" elegantly printed in luminescent letters, capturing the moon's glow and mystery.
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. Best worn under a starry sky.

Perfect for those who've danced under the moonlight, wished upon stars, or simply felt the moon's profound impact on their moods and actions.

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